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About Cheery Facebook MathsFest

About Cheery Facebook MathsFest

Most of my friends know you can’t mention Evan Promise without talking about Mathematics, and a good part of what I’ve achieved in life can be traced to her (mathematics) love for me. I’ll tell our story later.

So, as a way of giving back to her and the community, I decided to introduce this pet project of mine… which will be a series I hope to run monthly.

Cheery Facebook MathsFest (I totally named it after Nkechi Bianze cos she is the inspiration behind the project) is a seasonal maths contests for ages 16 – 25 which will be held on selected Facebook walls and pages.

There will be two seasons in each year – the first season of the year running from January to June, and the second season running from July to December. On the 26th of the first five months in each season, there will be a maths contest held on my (or any other selected) Facebook wall. These monthly contests will have a cash prize of 10k and will be winner-takes-all.

The last month of each season will feature the grand battle – a live contest held on Pencraft Media page. The winner and runners-up of the previous months in the season will battle it out for a grand prize of 50k. The modalities for the grand battle will be disclosed at a later date, but the winner of the grand battle (Cheery Maths Knight of the Season) will be determined by the number of points the participants have at the end of the day. There will be consolation prizes for the runners-up too.

So this is me officially declaring Cheery Facebook MathsFest 1.0 (The Epiphany) open! [This is a one-month test season; season 2 would begin next month.]

Contest date is 26th of June. Time is 3pm.

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