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About Project Fourtify

About Project Fourtify

When I set up Kopykart (an agency I co-founded with Hilary), I had a lot of models to employ for the growth of the company. I tested all of them and realized the 3rd model was the best one I could go with.

This third model was a cross between the first and second, and part of it involved every Kopykart agent pushing the corporate brand using their own personal brands. I had to set a precedent, I had to re-awaken Evan Promise (the brand) who I forced to lie low for a year so I could serve my country.

While remodelling the new Evan Promise, I realized personal branding is a powerful way for young business owners to grow their business effectively. I was lucky (more like privileged) to have mastered every element needed to make this happen. I am a brand/biz comms expert, a world-class copywriter, and a guru when it comes to content marketing.

Personal branding is much easier to execute than corporate or product branding. People prefer believing in people to believing in products (this is why companies make use of influencers as brand ambassadors), and social media platforms are more receptive to people than to companies.

Fourtify as a project is a series of power classes designed to equip every young and relentless person out there with the tools they need to achieve growth, success, and contentment in life. The idea is to provide a 4 by 4 working solution matrix to a problem the chosen demographic faces, and then to teach this solution for just N4,000.

Fourtify 1.0 will show the business owners within the demographic (young, hardworking, and relentless individuals) how to build their personal brand, grow to be influencers in their field, and be their own brand ambassadors – channelling this to achieve business success.

What’s more?

The program will see four experts (myself inclusive) taking the participants on the selected courses, across WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, and Zoom.

So, are you ready to be Fourtified? Click here to register

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