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Evan Promise Cryptocurrency

Crypto-Exchangers, Cryptobanking, and the Future of Banking in Nigeria

You know, if you see someone who's starting a business for starting sake, and someone who's actually out to solve a problem you'll know. Take, for example, the Crypto/Bitcoin Industry.…

Maths Evan Promise

About Cheery Facebook MathsFest

Most of my friends know you can't mention Evan Promise without talking about Mathematics, and a good part of what I've achieved in life can be traced to her (mathematics)…


About Project Fourtify

When I set up Kopykart (an agency I co-founded with Hilary), I had a lot of models to employ for the growth of the company. I tested all of them…


What Makes You Awesome?

One thing I always hammer on when someone inboxes me for tips on how to makes themselves a brand... "Figure out what makes you awesome, and brand the sh*t out…


Seven-Up Bottling Co, and How NOT to React to Stiff Competition

In December 2007 when Sulaiman Adebola Adegunwa (former chairman of Sterling Bank) decided to establish Rite Foods as an offshoot of Ess-Ay Holdings (that actually nothing to do with food…


Seven-Up, and the Uncool Mistake of Brand Indecision

Let’s look at a case that is somewhat the opposite of the last one – 7Up Bottling Company in Nigeria. But to get the message across, we have to look…


Understanding and Growing Your Audience

“While what we want the public to think about our brand and what we actually offer may not always be true, you need to inwardly make that distinction and then…


PepsiCo, and Maintaining Honest Competition

In 2006, three people tried to sell Coca-Cola’s trade secrets to Pepsi. The two companies, being seven years apart from each other (Pepsi was created and developed in 1893 while…


Factors That Can Affect Your Copy

Yesterday, while handling a class on Copywriting as requested by Emmanuel Bountiful, I used an example I came across earlier in the same day to explain why every copy is…


Should I Be Honest With My Clients Always?

My dad doubling as an Evangelist and Orator saw him featured a lot of times in General Harvests and Bazaars as the guest preacher, back then. And of course, the…


Tesla, and the Smartest Way to Become the World’s Fastest Growing Brand

The very first thing that stands out for me about Tesla, if you take out the genius of Elon Musk from the equation, is the business strategy they started with.…


Virgin: The World’s Most Stretched Brand?

“I believe there is almost no limit to what a brand can do. You can ignore those who go on about brand stretching.” - Richard Branson, Chairman & CEO, Virgin…

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