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Don’t Ignore That Bright Idea!

Don’t Ignore That Bright Idea!

Here’s a lesson on why you shouldn’t ignore that bright idea.

Three years ago, a company hired me as a brand/digital marketer. It was a relatively new startup and very little people knew about them. The remuneration wasn’t so enticing, but I accepted to work anyway because I love challenges.

Because of the almost inexistent budget I was working with, and also the inexistence of a centralized platform or system for digital marketing in the target location, I had to come up with novel ideas to sell my client.

One day, I travelled to a different location to get something and an idea hit me. I realised I could modify two methods, combine them, and create an insanely effective advertising model. I decided to test the model with my client.

I had a lot of people to meet, and each extra person in the chain meant more money to expend. I had to eliminate a lot of middlemen, but I eventually saw the campaign through with barely 50k.

Maybe because we didn’t really have a good system for tracking or measuring results, and well I didn’t know anything about direct response copywriting then…but we didn’t get much in returns.

However, I knew it was a good idea and decided to work on the mistakes, build a foolproof advertising platform for the model, and monopolize it. Seemed like a good plan, but I got so busy with other things, I couldn’t follow it up.

Today, my client is reaping from the benefits of that campaign. It turns out the model has better long-term benefits (now that I think of it, I can tweak it to deliver short-term returns).

But that’s not the story…

I currently have a client in that same location who has a problem the model is perfect for. But last time I was around the area, I realised someone picked up the platform and started making money through it.

The system is still basically as scattered as I left it, but it’s there quite alright.

I reached out to him to see if I could make use of the platform and deliver my client, and he gave me a quote of N1 million. 😅 Somehow, he thinks I don’t know how the system works.

I don’t know if my client has the money, and I’m scared to tell him anyway. But I don’t see any other model that can deliver better results.

I love challenges, and if I don’t go through with the platform, I’ll have to figure out another way to deliver my client.

But what if I didn’t abandon the idea then? Just what if….



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