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Factors That Can Affect Your Copy

Factors That Can Affect Your Copy

Yesterday, while handling a class on Copywriting as requested by Emmanuel Bountiful, I used an example I came across earlier in the same day to explain why every copy is unique and also may or may not do so well depending on the platform.

I also showed them, like I once said earlier on, that a lot of things add up to determine how an ad is received by the audience. The wrong choice of colours, or bad design, can greatly reduce conversion…even if you hired the best copywriter for the project.

Here are some tiny points to note, as a starter…

  1. Copywriting has different types actually, and these all have different formats which factor in the purpose and the platforms they are to be used in…

There’s Creative Copywriting which y’all may be quite familiar with; there’s technical, direct response, web, and email Copywriting amongst others.

  1. The whole point of copywriting is to convince a particular audience to do something specific. So your convincing game has to be top-notch, and you have to do it without them knowing you’re actually doing it.

If you can’t convince people with your copy. It will not sell.

  1. I always tell people that a huge part of copywriting lies in understanding your audience and the platform. If you are writing a copy for Rolls Royce, you don’t address a generic audience. You will have to tailor your copy to address the people who can actually buy a Rolls Royce.

If you don’t know your audience very well, you can’t even convince them.

  1. Your audience are busy folks…and they are not forgiving either. They weren’t waiting for your ads, and they certainly do not give a damn about you. (Forgive my choice of words).

Now, you only have their attention (on Facebook) for just about 2 and a half seconds. (This increases to about 7 anyway, on the deep web), so once you manage to catch their attention for that brief moment, you gotta be clear and specific on what you want them to do, else they’ll bounce.

If you are not very specific on the action you want them to perform, you will lose them.


These are points you need to always have in mind. I’ve written a lot of copies to know that there really isn’t any hard-and-fast rule in Copywriting. So, whether you use the PAS method or the AIDA formula, or you even make use of my own formula, the PIASDA, your copy won’t do well if you miss the important points.

It’s really that simple… and that’s what you need to know as a beginner.

But when you hone your storytelling skills, can write killer headlines, maintain steady copy flow, and also craft compelling CTAs, you’re definitely world-class.



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