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Should I Be Honest With My Clients Always?

Should I Be Honest With My Clients Always?

My dad doubling as an Evangelist and Orator saw him featured a lot of times in General Harvests and Bazaars as the guest preacher, back then. And of course, the leaders of the church always smiled to the bank after each service.

But one day, He changed his model. He told the crowd that he was invited to preach to them, motivate them, and drive them to not leave the church that day without emptying their pockets. As usual, he had led them to the finish line with a good and convincing flow.

All he needed to do was tell them that God was looking for 15 people that will sow a seed of  1 million each, 20 people that will sow 500k, 50 people that will sow 100k, 100 people that will sow 20k, and to “make sure no one misses out on the blessing”, the rest of the people remaining to bring 5k each. That was what the host pastor expected from him.

…And he told the church… because he wasn’t led to use that model that day.

So instead, he asked those who the spirit touched to come forward and give what they were led to give.

I dunno if it worked…

But the church leaders never invited him again to preach on harvest day… something that was previously a sort of tradition.


I learnt four things from that.

  1. Being honest with your clients doesn’t always mean you’ll cash out as usual.
  2. But sometimes you have to stand up for what is right even if it means going home with little returns at the end of the day.
  3. You should totally discard the above lessons in business (once it doesn’t threaten your integrity). You’re not running an NGO.
  4. But also never ever ever ever assume your client is dumb. Explain only as much as you can, and let them make a conscious decision.


Evan Promise

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