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What Makes You Awesome?

What Makes You Awesome?

One thing I always hammer on when someone inboxes me for tips on how to makes themselves a brand…

“Figure out what makes you awesome, and brand the sh*t out of that”… No cap.

  1. I make good deals

That’s my number one strength as a copywriter, and I don’t hesitate to use it when writing copies. If I need something from you, I just make you a deal you simply cannot refuse. That’s why I very rarely get no as an answer.

  1. I understand things easily and perfectly

As a maths coach, I always tell my students that mathematics is easy…you only have to understand the question. Understanding what is required of you is about 70% of the problem, the other 30% is just figuring out how to answer the question. That’s why I prefer calling it coaching, because unlike other maths tutors, I don’t teach you how to solve…I train you to understand questions.

But away from mathematics, this is one trait that has really helped me in every aspect of my life. All you need to do is just explain the project , task, or job, and I’ll understand perfectly what needs to be done.

  1. I like to give my best always

This is where it gets even better. I got the perfectionist trait from my dad. Man never liked to settle for mediocre…if it’s not the best it can be, you simply didn’t do anything. And this has been the reason why I excel in everything I do.

I’ve turned down clients and job offers because I wasn’t so sure I would do my best… and I’d rather not take on the job than not giving it my best shot. Because according to Sir Victor Obidike.. what is worth doing, is worth doing well.

  1. I read and understand people

I read people…in fact, it’s an obsession. I would step out in the evening for a stroll, and when it’s not to clear my head, I try to get in people’s heads by just observing them do their thing. My close friends know this…and they also know I’m right most of the time.

This comes in very handy in my workplaces. It helps me put on personas just to be exactly the kind of person you need me to be. That’s why I’m very likeable and I have a lot of “friends”. As a copywriter, being able to understand my audience is a strong point for me.

  1. I am extremely calculating

Maybe not in the negative sense of it… because I can be very selfless.   But when dealing with me, you’re better off assuming I already know your plans because I consider every possible scenario before I take decisions. Something I call simulation 😅😅.

Yes, I am very analytical, and you’ll probably get mad at me if you see me refusing a seemingly good offer just because I don’t like the numbers or odds.

But I’ve come to realize that I rarely make mistakes when I stick with the numbers. I also rarely get surprised because I’ve considered every possible scenario beforehand… which gives me a good headstart in project management. And of course, simulation makes success very likely in any endeavour of mine.

…and that’s Evan Promise for you

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