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What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?

What’s Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Three years ago (I wasn’t even half as experienced in business and branding as I am now), a friend wanted to set up a logistics business. We fixed a meeting and discussed the plan over meat-pie and orange juice.

He knew what he wanted. It wasn’t just to own a logistics business, he wanted to represent something. To serve a meaningful purpose to his clients. So he came up with a unique mission statement that I considered weird at the time. I’ll try to keep the business anonymous.

He believed that his clients could do a lot of meaningful stuff with their time if they could delegate some duties (eg, shopping) to people. So his business wasn’t just meant to cover *the last mile* (those in logistics will understand) but to help their consumers manage their time wisely.

So he made that his mission statement, and everything the company did, revolved around that. He would call his frequent clients to check on them and ask if they’ve been productive. He also built their Content Marketing plan around that theme too.

You see, the simplest way I can explain USP is to have you answer a simple question…

 What are you actually selling to people? Can you actually provide the right answer?


Do you know why Apple charges so much for their products?

Well, they are a premium brand. So that affects their prizes. But how were they able to market themselves as a premium brand? The answer still lies in what they are actually selling… and it wasn’t just the phones.

I like to think that their USP changed over the years. Initially, they were selling quality products that went through strict production and testing processes. Later they started selling class/luxury alongside product quality.

Versace, Gucci, and other top designer brands; they don’t just sell fashion products too. They sell class, luxury, and vanity.

There really isn’t anything special about their processes. You’ll probably find better and cheaper brands if you look very well. But they each marketed themselves as a premium brand, a few people bought into the idea, and they were able to fly it.

You are buying their products not totally because of the premium quality but also because a part of you feels you deserve something classy. Since you have the money, you go ahead to tap into that vanity and get yourself what you deserve.

Coca-Cola sells happiness. If you follow their marketing content, you’ll know this. Milo sells the promise of instant energy that will push you to greatness. Gulder sells same too, albeit in a different way. Kopykart believes startups and small brands in Africa could grow and become global players, and they are ready to do their bit for that to happen.

You get my drift?

Honestly, it’s your USP that separates you from your competitors and should be one of the factors that determine your price points too. If you are able to market yourself and your USP very well, you could easily displace similar brands in your industry and remain at the top.

And I’m always here to help you make it happen. Are you willing to allow me to do just that for you?

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