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Your Brand Archetype And You

Your Brand Archetype and You

Initially, when I set out to rebrand Evan Promise, I figured I’d be dealing with the Creator as main Archetype and the Outlaw as secondary Archetype.

But as I worked on my content marketing plan, I realised people are very likely to see my brand as a prime example of the Sage Archetype. It made more sense anyway… Kopykart is the Creator while Evan Promise is the Sage. I’ve always had elements of the Outlaw, but it’s running unnoticed at the moment.

What’s an Archetype?

Brands have personalities the same way humans have temperaments. The Archetype determines our brand voice, the way we carry out business, and the way we relate to our audience (this also works the other way round). It is the fundamental step towards figuring out your brand identity. I talked about this in my E-book on brand modelling.

But your brand archetype is more of what the public thinks of you and less of what you think about you.

Whichever the case, you need to determine your brand Archetype in order to understand your brand personality…

That way, it will be easier to model your brand and work on your brand/business communications.

These pictures show the twelve archetypes we have in the branding industry. [In the next couple of days, I’ll be reviewing some popular brands and their Archetypes.]

If you’ve been consciously working on your brand, you should be able to identify which of these fits your brand (what your audience sees as your brand personality).

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